Borrow money immediately without documents. Borrowing money directly and quickly without paperwork and borrowing money quickly without hassle is not the cheapest way to borrow money. In almost all cases, you must also be able to prove that you have, for example, sufficient income to repay the loan. Yet there are also loans that you can take out without paperwork or without documents. Borrowing money without BKR and without documents is therefore certainly possible, see the options below.

  • If you want quick cash in your hands and really want to borrow money, visit the Superbank in Amsterdam or another pawnshop in one of the big cities in the Netherlands. Here you can borrow cash directly with collateral. There is no BKR check or review here.
  • With a mini loan, you can borrow money quickly and without much hassle. You can request a mini loan directly from Zaloan or Salduwa.
  • These providers promise money in your account within 24 hours, but there are extra costs involved. Those costs are around 25% to 35% on top of the interest. A loan of 200 euros means paying back 240 to 260 euros. That is a lot of money and is not responsible for most people.
  • At Santander, you can have everything arranged within 1 day. You can borrow from 1500 euros, with only interest costs (so no extra costs like with a mini loan) Here you often have to send proof of income and also a photo of your ID, but otherwise, the process is not difficult. Moreover, there is also a BKR check.
  • If you have a credit card, you can also borrow money directly with your card without sending documents. If you want a credit card for the future, then compare the annual costs for the credit card and for the spread repayment facility.
  • You can also borrow money directly through your own bank. Request red via the app. Or at most banks, you can also request another loan via the bank app on your phone. If you receive income on your bank account, this application will often run smoothly.

Please note: a mini loan without hassle now costs you no hassle. It is easy to request without paperwork. But for many people, the hassle comes with paying back! Only apply for such a mini-loan if you are sure that repaying will not cause any hassle.

Get payday loans for very bad credit when you need cash!!!

Borrow money quickly without BKR and paperwork

  • BAD CREDIT MUST NOT RUIN YOUR LIFE, because you can borrow money quickly with payday loans for very bad credit. This allows you to quickly borrow money within 10 minutes without hassle. 
  • These providers promise money in your account within 24 hours, but there are extra costs involved. Those costs are around 25 to 35% on top of the interest.
  • If you do not want paperwork at all and still want quick cash in your hands, then visit the city ​​bank for a loan or another pawnshop in the Netherlands. There you can now borrow money without sending documents or send money without sending any papers.
  • If you want to borrow money to buy things, check out the alternatives such as buying things and paying afterward without interest.

Most of the mini-loan providers operate without an official license from the AFM, the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets. Officially, credit organizations have to check well at the BKR whether you are creditworthy and have no existing debts. But a number of lenders don’t care much about this and try everything to get out of the permit requirement. So you can borrow money here without any hassle because they are based abroad.

Mini loan without paperwork

These loans without paperwork, also called mini loans or mini-credit, are certainly not cheap loans. They charge extra costs of no less than 25 to 35 percent for a mandatory guarantor. The advantage is that you can borrow without paperwork. All you have to do is enter your BSN number, your name and address, and bank account.

If it is the first time that you are going to borrow money from these credit providers, then the maximum amount is usually no more than 400 euros. After that you can borrow up to 1500 euros (the so-called “plus loan”), but the costs are so huge that many people borrow more each month to pay off their debt from the previous month.

  • Many people who want to borrow undocumented money quickly are in such trouble that they get even more hassle with these fast money loans with paying back debts. So pay attention to what you do in advance.
  • Even if you think you need money quickly, you want to borrow money without hassle, take a break and think carefully.
  • Due to the high costs of these mini loans, which you often have to pay back within a month, your money situation can become very frustrated. 

Borrow money quickly without hassle at the Superbank

Borrow money quickly without hassle at the Superbank

Another way to quickly borrow money without paperwork or to quickly borrow money without paperwork is to visit the Superbank immediately. There you can, for example, leave items such as jewelry in exchange for money. You can then get the jewelry back later if you return the borrowed money. There are costs associated with this, but these are not too high.

You can pledge your things at these special banks. Often for nine months. If you cannot repay the loan, you can often extend it again. The costs of this are often the costs for taking out the loan, as well as a certain interest rate.

There are also commercial pawnshops where you can pledge things. They are sometimes more expensive, but they can be closer to home. Because the municipal city banks are mainly in a few large cities.

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