Imagine your credit card statement arrives at the end of the month, with all the calm in the world you sit down to check. You start reading, you can see the purchases of the month, the payment of the services, that exit to the cinema, the Uber and Ah, hell!You run into some cartoons that you don’t remember doing. Quiet! It is not the end of the world, we tell you what to do with those unrecognized cartoons on the credit card that have just broken the synchrony of your heartbeat for a few seconds.

What are unrecognized charges?

What are unrecognized charges?

Unrecognized charges are purchases or payments that appear on your statement that you are not aware of. This means that you have never requested or authorized them at any time.

How does it happen?

These types of situations can occur due to different causes:

  • Theft or loss of your plastic

It may happen that without realizing someone took or lost your card and it was used for the purchase of various products via online or physical store without you could notice it until the moment you realized the lack of your plastic.

  • Fraud in your accounts

This happens, even if you have a credit card near you. It consists of small tricks that some criminals are worth in order to get your bank details.With them they usually make purchases online, which you will see until the moment the account statement arrives.

What to do about it?

What to do about it?

Finding unrecognized charges on your credit card does not mean you will lose that money. You should contact the bank immediately and follow these steps:

  1. Request the cancellation of your plastic

It is the best way to keep them from withdrawing money from it. The customer service of your bank can do it remotely, that is, it can be requested by phone.

  1. Specify cartoons not recognized on the executive credit card

Express that you have just noticed this charge, date the amount and if possible if you identify the trade in which it was made. The executive must tell you what is the process to follow according to the bank to which your plastic belongs, however, the procedure is very similar.

Investigation of cartoons not recognized on credit card

Investigation of cartoons not recognized on credit card

Your report will enter the investigation stage where the bank will analyze the way in which these movements occurred. For example:

  • The schedule and the route
  • If before you already had a report for theft or loss
  • If you have a token or secure purchase system
  • In case of being an online purchase if the site was safe
  • If the purchase was made in a physical place that requires signature, among other things.

This type of investigation, in case your report is appropriate, usually have a cost, so we suggest that, if you are not sure that the amounts you see in your statement are actually cartoons not recognized on the credit card, calm down and remember your banking movements.

If the investigation is positive and the bank determines that, in effect, someone used your account, the amount that was not spent by you, will be returned to the original line of credit and the interest generated by them in The investigation process will be absorbed by the bank.


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